Cause of Injury:

  • Heat or Cold Exposure 
  • Contact With 
  • Caught In or Between 
  • Fall or Slip – From Different Level 
  • Motor Vehicle Collision 
  • Strain 
  • Striking Against or Stepping On 
  • Struck or Injured by Object 
  • Absorption, Ingestion, or Inhalation 
  • Rubbed or Abraided By 
  • Miscellaneous Causes

Car Accidents:

Survivor’s Tale from a Truck Accident

We read it on newspapers and it never fails to be present all the time. Accidents happen every now and then. Picture this scenario, an old man on his 70’s riding on a scooter and driving at a normal speed. All of a sudden a truck hit him leading him to unconsciousness. It is the most difficult to cope after the incident has happened and survivors do not know what to do. It is about time to contact an experienced lawyer and be guided with the things that should be done in order to survive from the nightmare of a truck accident.  


According to statistics, 12% are registered as truck accidents that lead to fatal. And although there are only 2% registered medium and heavy trucks all over the country, Florida is disturbed on the fact that they have the highest fatality rates that are caused by these truck accidents. These accidents lead to the many brain injuries, amputations and even serious injuries that lead to deaths.

In order to reduce these accidents to happen, here are some of the things to avoid.  

Car Crash

1. Driver on the wheel. Keep in mind that once the driver sits and take hold of the wheel, he is taking the full control of the vehicle. Should it be possible, drivers need to maintain a constant inspection to ensure of any possibilities of broken parts of the vehicle causing it fail while on the road leading it to accidents. Keep in mind to follow the rules on the road. Some causes of accidents are those drivers who are too close to the vehicle in front of them. Also, the speed has to be controlled.


2. Avoid being drunk. Drivers must be in a normal state when they are driving. Should they be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, most likely whenever accidents will happen, attorneys can defend and represent the survivor during the proceedings. Most possibly, survivors will be rewarded with the rightful amount to cover on the damages. 


3. Drivers should be paid well. Drivers who have few bonuses or incentives when driving at a low speed, else, drivers are forced to drive fast in order to be paid more than they need. Most drivers do not care should they meet an accident; they are focused on the amount that they will receive after the job is done. 


4. Other motorists on the road should be educated. It would be better to give enough room for the truck on the road to avoid future accidents. This will allow a safer place for the truck and other vehicles. Drivers should be properly educated on the safety rules on the road. 


Truck accidents are unique cases to handle. Upon filing for a claim, survivors still need to follow on the process in order to be given the compensation for the damages such as medical treatment and bills, loss of income and other things the court needs to consider. Drivers should take responsibility on whatever damages that the accident has caused.


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