Cause of Injury:

  • Heat or Cold Exposure 
  • Contact With 
  • Caught In or Between 
  • Fall or Slip – From Different Level 
  • Motor Vehicle Collision 
  • Strain 
  • Striking Against or Stepping On 
  • Struck or Injured by Object 
  • Absorption, Ingestion, or Inhalation 
  • Rubbed or Abraided By 
  • Miscellaneous Causes

Car Accidents:

Choosing the Right Nursing Home

It is an essential to contact a wrongful death lawyer when a loved one passed away in a nursing home due to negligence of responsibilities and duties of the nursing home employees. Nursing homes are for those individuals who are undergoing the rehabilitation usually after their hospital stay. Nursing homes or commonly known as skilled nursing facilities can serve long-term residents and there are other who wanted to stay only for a short period of care. These people are provided and served regardless of the period of stay. Also, staying in a nursing home can give a relief to the primary caregiver. In addition, this facility can handle the elderly. It can be a part of the continuing care retirement community. Overall, it is a safer environment for people recovering from an ailment and for the elderly. Any individual can send their loved ones to these homes in order to be given the proper care when they cannot else, primary caregiver is not available.   


It is considered to be an important and oftentimes a difficult decision in selecting the right nursing home. No one would want any accidents and even a wrongful death to happen to their loved ones. In choosing the right nursing home, it is wise to include the entire members of the family before making the final decision. Moreover, there are also things and steps to consider along the process of selecting the right skilled nursing facility. The resident’s family has to be ready with all the information needed when unexpected events or incidents would happen during the stay. Else, do not hesitate to contact available wrongful death attorneys. After all, keeping the residents safe is part of the duties and responsibilities of the employees in the home. Keep in mind that the nursing facility is liable for any accident, injury, or death that has happened.  

Nursing Home

There is quite a number of wrongful death lawsuits filed whenever nursing homes cannot provide the service they are required. Remember, nursing homes are expected to provide 24 hours of service and personal care to their residents. Employees in nursing facilities include licensed practical nurses and registered nurses as well. Meanwhile, personal care are provided by certified nursing assistants which include bathing, eating, walking, dressing, and physical transfer (moving the resident from a bed to a chair or the opposite). Say when an injury or death has happened within the home during the process of providing care, it is legal to file for a wrongful death claim to recover from the damages and loss caused by negligence of duties and responsibilities.  

Perhaps, these three steps would serve as a guide in selecting the right nursing home for loved ones in the future. Remember to ask the right person whenever there are things that would create confusion and trouble in the future.


Step 1: Evaluate the Needs


Step 2: Look for a Nursing Home and Compare


Step 3: Visit the Nursing Facility


Lastly, check on the fees and services the facilities provide. Thereby, these homes will serve its purpose in treating their residents with complete care and service.  

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