Cause of Injury:

  • Heat or Cold Exposure 
  • Contact With 
  • Caught In or Between 
  • Fall or Slip – From Different Level 
  • Motor Vehicle Collision 
  • Strain 
  • Striking Against or Stepping On 
  • Struck or Injured by Object 
  • Absorption, Ingestion, or Inhalation 
  • Rubbed or Abraided By 
  • Miscellaneous Causes

Car Accidents:

Easy Guide for Victims and Witnesses

Oftentimes, a Florida accident attorney understands that any person, being a victim or a witness to a crime is the most difficult task. Although we know that the Florida law is fair and just in making decisions and providing justice to the victim, it is still the most frightening task anyone can ever take. This article will give an overview of how a victim or a witness should be treated in order to hasten the litigation process and for justice to prevail. There may be some terms that are too complex. It is always wise to have even a simple knowledge on where you are heading.


Stages of the Criminal Justice System

A Florida accident lawyer knows each step and level in the entire litigation process. Therefore, it is always the best decision hiring an expert who would be representing and leading the victim or the witness.


Stage 1: Crime Committed


The moment the crime is committed, immediately contact a law enforcement team. This will enable the victim or any witness to be protected at this point in time. Say when a crime would happen in a shopping mall, it may be difficult to move on to the next stage however, experts will be able to determine the people involved in the crime or the incident.  

Court Room

Stage 2: Arrest or Intake


The suspect will be taken to jail, fingerprinted and photographed. Although some are released immediately otherwise, they have to post a bond to ensure that they will be showing up in court. This is the job for Florida personal injury attorneys, they need to defend and take side on the victim or the witness in order to be rewarded with the right amount of compensation to recover on the damages or injuries resulting from the incident.


Meanwhile, intake is the term which refers whenever a victim reports the crime to the State Attorney’s Office. Thereby, the prosecutor may be able to choose to file the charges and issues summon for the suspect to appear in court.


Stage 3: First Appearance


Consider on other incidents or accidents caused by a person’s negligence. Else, an intentional caused accident such as spilling a hazardous chemical material to harm a certain individual. These cases, victims always have a Miami personal injury lawyer on their side. At this point, each suspect kept in jail is required to appear before a judge within 24 hours after the incident. This is where the judge decides whether or not the charges are reasonable. In addition, the judge should then decide whether or not a bond should be set, should there be one, the amount will also be decided at this time. Not to mention, only he can decide should he consider conditions for release and appoint a public defense attorney that if the suspect could not afford to get his own personal private attorney.


The litigation process is to be taken seriously and that all schedules including the appearance or hearing should be properly observed. Should victims and witnesses have an overview on what to do, the process would go smoothly as justice will prevail.  

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