Cause of Injury:

  • Heat or Cold Exposure 
  • Contact With 
  • Caught In or Between 
  • Fall or Slip – From Different Level 
  • Motor Vehicle Collision 
  • Strain 
  • Striking Against or Stepping On 
  • Struck or Injured by Object 
  • Absorption, Ingestion, or Inhalation 
  • Rubbed or Abraided By 
  • Miscellaneous Causes

Car Accidents:

Brain Injury

Lethal Brain Injury

When a person is involved in an accident then subsequently experience head injury or injury to the brain, doctors would categorize the said injury as Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI, that is to distinguish this type of injury from Acquired Brain Injury or ABI.


Traumatic Brain Injury is often resulted from the direct blow or jolt to the head, may the injury is experienced from a fall or directly being hit by an object. A TBI will also result from an object penetrating the skull and damage the brain tissues. In the contrary, an ABI is a medical term used to describe a brain being deprived of oxygen, e.g. stroke and birth complications. Tumor in the brain is also considered as Acquired Brain Injury because they can grow even larger in time and damage the brain tissues

Depending on the damages that are caused to the brain, the prevailing symptoms could determine whether the injury is mild, moderate or severe. It is already common sense that whenever you experience symptoms of brain injury, you should immediately seek medical attention. Any delay for the appropriate medical treatment could cause brain fatalities.

What are the Symptoms of Brain Injury?


The symptoms of brain injury can be classified as mild, wherein the patient could experience the feeling of lightheaded, loss of consciousness, nasty taste in the mouth, blurry vision, ringing in the ears or virtigo, feeling of being tired even without activity at all, forgetfulness, deep thinking and sleeping pattern changes.

Moderate to severe brain injury include tremors or seizures, chronic headaches usually severe, nausea, vomiting, dilation of the pupils, inconsistent speech, lack of concentration and coordination, confusion and agitation.



Treatment of Brain Injury

CT Scan

Skull and neck X-rays should be performed to determine the severity of the injury and also checking the fractures and instability of the spine in mild or moderate cases. In severe brain injuries, a CT scan or Computed Tomography scan is crucial to be performed. Treatments could involve surgery to repair the damages to the tissue or remove any objects that were tucked in the head. In most cases, surgery is needed to reduce the pressure on the brain which causing the tissues to swell and blood to clot inside the skull. Subsequent rehabilitation, may it be physical or psychological, will be needed to treat the injury on the patient.

Even if the patient recovers from any TBI incident, they might still develop the following conditions that are associated with brain trauma.

  • Alzheimer's disease (AD)
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Post-traumatic dementia
  • Dementia pugilistica
  • Other motor problems
  • Epilepsy or
  • Pseudobulbar affect (PBA)

Dealing with a Person with Brain Injury


Depending on the severity of the damage and depending on the will of the person to recover, some patients could relatively recover from the said trauma over a period of time while others remain in a vegetative state for the rest of their lives. Loved ones or family play an important role in the recovery of the patient. Love, support and understanding are needed to assist the patient quick recovery, taking away from them the possibilities of becoming incapable and giving them hope that they could recover soon and enjoy the normal life again. Any person or a caregiver who is dealing with a patient of this state should be very patient while understanding the complexities of the situation. The patient may quickly outburst into agitation, loss of memory, etc., the caregiver should know how to handle it.

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